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Asset Programs with Signature Series + Crypto Digital Asset Class

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Product Description

In this package, you can purchase One Asset Class and One Signature Series. Here's an over view of the courses in each.

What You Will Learn ~ Asset Class

Core Strategy

A full exploration of Online Trading Academy’s proprietary approach to understanding market timing and trading the financial markets. This program builds a solid understanding of the stock market and serves as a strong foundation for expanding into trading leveraged asset classes such as Options, Futures, and Forex.


Stocks Program

Our stock program is designed to help you understand stock investing strategies for both short term trading and long-term investing. Students learn about fundamentals, stock selection, asset allocation, sector analysis and so much more. This program has a heavy focus on value investing and strategies for your long-term financial goals.


Forex Program

The Forex market has the potential to serve both your short term as well as longer term trading objectives. With a 24-hour market, Forex is very accessible and has a fairly low financial barrier to entry. You will learn the power of using Forex to hedge against inflation and the potential devaluation of the US Dollar.


Futures Program

Futures provides leveraged opportunities for short-term (daily) to mid-term (weekly) trading objectives. They provide flexibility to indirectly trade the stock market with Index Futures and the Forex market with Currency Futures. Students learn about mini and micro futures contracts that have made futures trading more accessible.


Options Program

Put simply, Options give you options. They provide controlled leverage for both short-term and long-term trading objectives. Options are also a vehicle used by both financial institutions and individual investors to hedge their portfolio risk. And there are options strategies for various types of market conditions, including up, down and sideways.


What You Will Learn ~ Signature Series

Bond Aidswith Bill Addiss:

  • The US Bond Market; 3 times the size of the US Stock Market!
  • Demystifying the Federal Reserve and how it works
  • How interest rates impact the investor, speculator or “saver”
  • How fluctuating interest rates can influence other asset classes you may own; including Equities, Currencies and Commodities
  • How the “Over-The-Counter” Market impacts investors
  • How to construct a Bond Ladder and other bond strategies

Fabulous Forex with David Warner:

  • Powerful price analysis odd enhancers (scoring methodology) designed
    to help a trader’s decision-making process
  • Analyzing relative strength for confirmation and breakout trading
  • Understanding the headlines related to Coronavirus and their impact on the Financial markets
  • Using price behavior and trend developments in the equity and commodity markets to help develop your Forex

Pedaling for Premium with Sean Reed:

  • Gaining confidence in Decision-Making with Options Set-Ups, Zoning and Screening with Pride
  • Strategic Options Back-Testing, or Back-pedaling!
  • Using Delta to time entry, Hedging with Puts, ITM Entries and Timing Volatility using ATR and Underlying Asset Movement
  • Learn How to Be Efficient with your Premium: Chart Single AND Spread
  • Premium; Stop, Entry and Target on the Premium

Prime Your Portfolio with Bachir Chaaya:

  • The fundamentals of a company and how to read and interpret financial statements
  • How to determine a company’s true “intrinsic” value and qualitatively assess management
  • Portfolio building designed for long-term growth
  • Back-testing allocations and determining the characteristics of low-risk compositions
  • How to carefully use leverage

Riding the Wave with Bob Dunn:

  • The 4-step Riding the Wave approach to the markets, which aims to help you hold positions from demand to supply and vice versa.
  • The unique “wave” approach when combined with Core Strategy and how it is designed to help you identify potential market turning points.
  • How to identify quality scenarios

Training the Eyes with Jeff Manson:

  • Discover a new toolset that could help you better recognize Structures, Area, Formation and Zones.
  • Back testing: Analyzing charts and identifying examples many would consider “Picture Perfect Trades”, focusing on cultivating your “20/20 vision”.
  • Exploring the difference between Formation and Zones, terminology of candles and identification of “Leg vs. Base” candles, Fibonacci tools, Harmonic patterns for Structure and additional “Odds Enhancers Scoring Methodology”
  • Learn to better limit your “Blind Spots”