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Futures Elevate - Signature Series - Buy One - Get One + Crypto Digital Asset Class

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Product Description

What you will learn:

Bond Aidswith Bill Addiss:

  • The US Bond Market; 3 times the size of the US Stock Market!
  • Demystifying the Federal Reserve and how it works
  • How interest rates impact the investor, speculator or “saver”
  • How fluctuating interest rates can influence other asset classes you may own; including Equities, Currencies and Commodities
  • How the “Over-The-Counter” Market impacts investors
  • How to construct a Bond Ladder and other bond strategies

Fabulous Forex with David Warner:

  • Powerful price analysis odd enhancers (scoring methodology) designed
    to help a trader’s decision-making process
  • Analyzing relative strength for confirmation and breakout trading
  • Understanding the headlines related to Coronavirus and their impact on the Financial markets
  • Using price behavior and trend developments in the equity and commodity markets to help develop your Forex

Pedaling for Premium with Sean Reed:

  • Gaining confidence in Decision-Making with Options Set-Ups, Zoning and Screening with Pride
  • Strategic Options Back-Testing, or Back-pedaling!
  • Using Delta to time entry, Hedging with Puts, ITM Entries and Timing Volatility using ATR and Underlying Asset Movement
  • Learn How to Be Efficient with your Premium: Chart Single AND Spread
  • Premium; Stop, Entry and Target on the Premium

Prime Your Portfolio with Bachir Chaaya:

  • The fundamentals of a company and how to read and interpret financial statements
  • How to determine a company’s true “intrinsic” value and qualitatively assess management
  • Portfolio building designed for long-term growth
  • Back-testing allocations and determining the characteristics of low-risk compositions
  • How to carefully use leverage

Riding the Wave with Bob Dunn:

  • The 4-step Riding the Wave approach to the markets, which aims to help you hold positions from demand to supply and vice versa.
  • The unique “wave” approach when combined with Core Strategy and how it is designed to help you identify potential market turning points.
  • How to identify quality scenarios

Training the Eyes with Jeff Manson:

  • Discover a new toolset that could help you better recognize Structures, Area, Formation and Zones.
  • Back testing: Analyzing charts and identifying examples many would consider “Picture Perfect Trades”, focusing on cultivating your “20/20 vision”.
  • Exploring the difference between Formation and Zones, terminology of candles and identification of “Leg vs. Base” candles, Fibonacci tools, Harmonic patterns for Structure and additional “Odds Enhancers Scoring Methodology”
  • Learn to better limit your “Blind Spots”