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The first month includes an enrollment fee of $346 plus the first month's subscription of $149, then $149.00 per month thereafter..

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It’s no secret that the financial markets are manipulated, but the question is, how? In OTA’s Core-X class, your journey begins by learning the mechanics of how the markets work and how the law of supply and demand drives price movement in the financial markets. Discovering this principle provides students with a powerful edge to help them navigate the financial markets.

Core-X is based on OTA’s Core Strategy curriculum, which is designed to introduce you to how to trade and invest with a similar approach to banks and institutions through dynamic skill-building lessons and interactive live-market trading sessions. It offers a simple step-by-step process to find trading opportunities with specific profit targets and a predefined risk management plan, allowing you to trade with skill and confidence. The best part, this approach can be applied to any asset class, including equities (stocks), futures, Forex, and options.  And, when combined with our proprietary trading and execution platform CliK, you get to instantly apply your learning with data in a simulated trading environment.

How to apply Core Strategy to the financial markets cannot be found anywhere else or read in any industry trading books. Introducing you to the Trade Blue Print and our step-by-step process will get you started on the pathway to identifying opportunities in a market robust enough to overwhelm the most eager amateur. 

Are you ready to embark on this journey to gain the knowledge and develop the skills to become a well-educated and practiced trader and investor?

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Your initial enrollment fee is $495. Each month thereafter, you will be billed a $149.00 monthly subscription. You can cancel at any time.


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