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Course: OTA’s Options course covers a wide range of learning objectives and foundational concepts such as: contract values, options chains, greeks, time decay and implied volatility. We teach a clearly defined set of rules so you can choose the options strategy that’s right for you; and learn a step-by-step process for setting a position live in the markets. The course begins with a series of pre-essential, on-demand lessons covering basic concepts and terminology to help you maximize class time. Instruction includes a review of core strategy principles and is provided in an applied learning environment with 30 hours of interaction, using real-time market data.

eXtended Learning Track (XLT): Constructing rules-based strategies for bullish, bearish, and neutral markets is what happens in the Options XLT. During these online sessions, students set up a wide range of single and multi-leg strategies, which are selected based on various position attributes and market conditions. XLT sessions help students realize the flexibility that Options trading offers such as learning to optimize your efforts without constant monitoring of positions. Speaking of time optimization, all sessions are recorded for future access