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30 Day Core Strategy Program

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Product Description

Core Strategy Course: Foundational to OTA’s trading curriculum, students learn key industry terminology and concepts like stop-entry-target (SET), order types, watchlist, and trade plans. The course begins with a series of on-demand lessons known as Pre-Essentials to help maximize the classroom experience. The 42-hours of in-class instruction covers OTA’s proprietary trading concepts, including how to identify trading opportunities, OTA’s unique trend analysis technique, utilizing the Decision Matrix, scoring trades using proprietary odds enhancers and properly “sizing” a trading opportunity to minimize risk.

eXtended Learning Track (XLT): Key foundational concepts are drilled upon in the XLT, where instructor and students engage in live sessions, during market hours. Trading opportunities are prepared, explained, and explored during each session. Students can apply Core Strategy’s step by step approach to trading that doesn’t rely on complex indicators and conventional technical analysis; but follows a set of rules designed to help identify quality trading opportunities. During XLT sessions, students experience how Core Strategy is applied across multiple timeframes and asset classes.